73rd Annual Conference of the German Society for Hygiene and
Microbiology e. V.

12-14 September 2021 • Digital

73rd Annual Conference of the German Society for Hygiene and
Microbiology e. V.

12-14 September 2021 • Digital

Conference Details

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User manual digital conference

Technical prerequisites

To guarantee the best possible transmission quality and stability, we recommend the use of a direct LAN connection (compared to WiFi).

  • Before the conference, make sure that the sound and video quality of your computer/laptop is sufficient.

  • Please make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. 

  • The use of Internet Explorer as a browser cannot be recommended. Further, make sure that you do not have too many tabs open in your browser. 

  • Please check, if your browser and operating system support the use of Vimeo (here).

In order to ensure a smooth (technical) process, we kindly ask you – in case you are working with a company device (PC, laptop) in the company network (e.g. clinic, company) or with a rental device – to please clarify the following points with your IT department prior to your participation at the conference:

1. The following ports must be open:

  • Port 443 (https)

  • For security reasons, port 80 (http)

2. JavaScript must be activated in your browser.

3. The following domains must not be blocked by your firewall:

  • Domain congress platform: dghm-digital.de

  • Domain programme management: program-management.conventus.de

  • Domain for verification: *.conventus-apps.de

  • Participant chat: rc-k5020a10196.qutic.com

  • Support chat: support2.conventus.de

  • Live streaming:

    • vimeo.com

    • cdn.livestream.com

    • api.new.livestream.com

    • playback2.akamaized.net/*

    • playback.akamaized.net/*

    • livestream-f.akamaihd.net/*

    • secure-playlist.livestream.com/*

For active session participants (chairs, speakers):

  • Please check here if your browser and operating system support the use of Zoom.

  • Please check that you have installed the Zoom client for meetings. 

  • Please make sure that your internet connection speed provides 2 MB/s upload and 4MB/s download or better. You can test your internet connection here. 

  • Please check that yoursound works well and that you can be heard clearly. You can test your settings in advance here. You can achieve the best quality by using a headset. 

  • We advise using a laptop or desktop computer, as this will ensure the best possible presentation. The use of a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) is of course also supported by the software. 

Rules of conduct

General rules

  • Use your real name for conference participation, unless your pseudonym is generally known.

  • Feel free to use a profile picture (preferably a portrait picture, without hidden face) to be found by other participants and to enter into conversation with them.

  • The recording of presentations in any form (video, audio, picture) and distributing the material is strictly prohibited.

Chat rules/rules for exchanges

  • Courtesy and respect are of highest priority.

  • Follow the instructions and explanations of the chairs.

  • Personal insults, racist, sexist or offensive comments in chat are forbidden and will be deleted.

  • Spam and advertising are also prohibited and will be deleted.

The organiser reserves the right to exclude participants who break these rules from the congress.