Exhibitors & sponsors

Mast Diagnostica GmbH

Mast Diagnostica is an independent manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic products for clinical, industrial and veterinary testing. We are known for a wide range of combination kits for the identification and differentiation of a wide variety of antibiotic resistances and antibiotic test strips together with a robust dispenser.
For more than 30 years, we have maintained a successful collaboration with CHROMagar, the manufacturer of the most comprehensive range of chromogenic media. These media enable faster and easier detection of relevant pathogens. New chromogenic media adapted to the needs are regularly developed and introduced to the market. The latest products include CHROMagar™ Pasteurella, CHROMagar™ LIN-R and CHROMagar™ Candida Plus.
More than a decade ago, Mast and its partner Copan Italia S.P.a. set out to revolutionise the preanalytics market. Increased uptake and delivery capacity of flocked swabs into liquid transport media paved the way for the efficient use of automation in micro- and molecular biology (WASP & WASPLab™) and play a crucial role in infectious disease diagnostics. Combined with the new UniVerse™ automated pipetting system, you can accelerate your COVID diagnostics in particular through fully automated sample preparation for DNA/RNA extraction or PCR.

Quidel Germany GmbH

Quidel is a leading healthcare diagnostics manufacturing company (Nasdaq: QDEL). Since its founding in 1979, the company has grown to more than 1200 employees worldwide. Quidel has steadily expanded its product offering through internal development and acquisitions, always focusing on research and development efforts to achieve a high percentage of product launches.

Quidel's product portfolio falls into the following categories:

  • Infectious disease diagnostics with fluorescence immunoassays
  • Cardiovascular biomarkers
  • Molecular diagnostic solutions
  • Lateral flow assays, where Quidel is the market leader in infectious diseases and reproductive medicine.
  • Direct immunofluorescence (DFE) antibodies with expertise in virology and infectious diseases
  • Micro-titre production with focus on bone and complement system pathways.