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Genetic Signatures Ltd.

Genetic Signatures is a global molecular diagnostics company, providing advanced syndromic molecular screening solutions for a vast range of infectious diseases. The expansive menu offers over 100 pathogen targets across respiratory, enteric, antimicrobial resistance, sexual health, tropical diseases, and atypical pathogens.

Genetic Signatures’ innovative diagnostic solutions are supported by their proprietary 3baseTM technology which reduces sequence variation and the genetic complexity of detecting pathogens. This is particularly beneficial for detecting of subtypes or variants of related pathogens, such as SARS-CoV-2.

The streamlined and automated workflow supports simplified and flexible multiplexed real-time PCR assays which enable hospital and pathology facilities to screen more accurately for a wide range of infectious diseases, whilst preserving high throughput. Results are delivered in hours, compared with days for traditional methods. GS-Call, the automated result calling software, provides simple result interpretation, easily connecting with laboratory information systems (LIS) to support pathology laboratories and clinicians alike.

Timely and accurate diagnosis supports appropriate infection control measures that reduce costs and save lives. By minimising customers' workloads and maximising results, Genetic Signatures delivers value to its customers while improving global health.

Genetic Signatures EasyScreen™ products are accessible in over 30 countries, with direct representation in the Germany, United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, and distribution partners in Canada, Africa and other European nations. Products are used for IVD use and research purposes.

Contact Genetic Signatures for more information, including the availability and use of the EasyScreen™ kits and workflow solutions, or potential distributor partnership in your region.

Key benefits:

  • Flexible syndromic screening enables a broad pathogen screening approach
  • Simplified multiplexed assays, universally applicable to all specimen types
  • Rapid and automated workflow with flexibility to improve operational efficiency
  • 3baseTM technology provides increased immunity to variants and mutations


Cepheid GmbH
Cepheid is a leading molecular diagnostics company that is operationally part of Danaher Corporation's (NYSE: DHR) diagnostics platform. Cepheid is committed to improving healthcare by developing, manufacturing and distributing accurate but easy-to-use molecular systems and tests. The company offers solutions for facilities of all sizes to automate highly complex and time-consuming manual steps. This enables highly developed molecular diagnostic tests to be performed on a wide range of organisms and genetic diseases. With its extensive molecular biology capabilities, Cepheid focuses on applications that require reliable, rapid and actionable test results, such as infectious diseases and cancer. 

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Mast Diagnostica GmbH

Mast Diagnostica is an independent manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic products for clinical, industrial and veterinary testing. We are known for a wide range of combination kits for the identification and differentiation of a wide variety of antibiotic resistances and antibiotic test strips together with a robust dispenser.
For more than 30 years, we have maintained a successful collaboration with CHROMagar, the manufacturer of the most comprehensive range of chromogenic media. These media enable faster and easier detection of relevant pathogens. New chromogenic media adapted to the needs are regularly developed and introduced to the market. The latest products include CHROMagar™ Pasteurella, CHROMagar™ LIN-R and CHROMagar™ Candida Plus.
More than a decade ago, Mast and its partner Copan Italia S.P.a. set out to revolutionise the preanalytics market. Increased uptake and delivery capacity of flocked swabs into liquid transport media paved the way for the efficient use of automation in micro- and molecular biology (WASP & WASPLab™) and play a crucial role in infectious disease diagnostics. Combined with the new UniVerse™ automated pipetting system, you can accelerate your COVID diagnostics in particular through fully automated sample preparation for DNA/RNA extraction or PCR.

Qvella Corporation
Qvella was founded with a vision toenable faster clinical decisions for better patient outcomes in sepsis diagnosis by reducing time to actionable results. Qvella’s FAST-Technology™ (Field Activated Sample Treatment) facilitates automation and acceleration of different stages of microbiology workflow to generate actionable information for bloodstream infections in minutes.Today, Qvella’s focus is to bring two unique products to the market. 

The FAST  ™ System is designed to isolate and concentrate viable bacterial cells directly from a positive blood culture, yielding a Liquid Colony™ in ~30 minutes, which is ready-to-use for multiple downstream applications.

The FAST-ID™ BSI Panel* is designed for fully automated pathogen isolation and detection including Candida, Gram negative and positive bacteria from whole blood in minutes instead of hours or days. 

* The FAST-ID BSI Panel are in development and not approved for sale. Performance characteristics have not been established. FAST-Prep PBC System will not be validated for any specific downstream diagnostic applications, and use will only be indicated for positive blood cultures.

Quidel Germany GmbH
Quidel is a leading healthcare diagnostics manufacturing company (Nasdaq: QDEL). Since its founding in 1979, the company has grown to more than 1200 employees worldwide. Quidel has steadily expanded its product offering through internal development and acquisitions, always focusing on research and development efforts to achieve a high percentage of product launches.

Quidel's product portfolio falls into the following categories:

  • Infectious disease diagnostics with fluorescence immunoassays.
  • Cardiovascular biomarkers
  • Molecular diagnostic solutions
  • Lateral flow assays, where Quidel is the market leader in infectious diseases and reproductive medicine.
  • Direct immunofluorescence (DFE) antibodies with expertise in virology and infectious diseases
  • Micro-titre production with focus on bone and complement system pathways.

S-L-E Germany GmbH
The perfect reprocessing for your TEE and vaginal ultrasound probes

S-L-E Germany GmbH presents the new GERMITEC® systems for high-level desinfection of your TEE (transoesophageal) and vaginal/rectal ultrasound probes. With several thousand units installed, S-L-E Germany GmbH and Germitec are world leaders in the chemical-free desinfection of ultrasound probes. The technology eliminates the need for room ventilation systems and rinsing after desinfection and also avoids toxic risks for users, patients and third parties. The application is simple, fast, efficient, completely without liquids, 100% automatic and is carried out in 90 to 180 seconds. Each probe is automatically recognised and documented by the system.

The desinfection is cost-efficient, saves considerably on personnel and material costs and also avoids the usual probe wear and tear. In addition, there is no need to procure, manage and recycle expensive consumables. The procedure has been approved by the leading ultrasound probe manufacturers. S-L-E Germany also works closely with the DGKH, for example, and has been able to have the effectiveness of this innovative technology certified accordingly. The system is immediately ready for operation without any special configuration; all that is needed is an ordinary power connection. For a presentation or even a demo of the systems, the MP consultants of S-L-E are at your disposal and we look forward to contacting you.

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